Immunity Boosting Smoothie Recipe: How to Prepare It?


What exactly will boost the immunity of the human body? Many things, I am sure, but we are here to talk about a smoothie recipe that will build up your immunity.

An “immune boosting smoothie” typically refers to a smoothie made with ingredients that will help boost the immune system. While there’s no single magical ingredient that can instantly upgrade your immunity, incorporating certain nutrients into your daily meals known for their immune-supporting properties, will definitely contribute to overall health and immune function.

What is needed?

Banana: Always use ice-covered banana in smoothies which makes the smoothie creamier.

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Pineapple: It sweetens the method naturally and it is wonderful for preventing the swelling.

Spinach: Eating green leafy vegetables has always been an integral part of the smoothie community, and spinach is always a great choice.

Ginger: Use fresh ginger, it makes so much difference!

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Turmeric root: It’s flavorful and earthy. It not only prevents cancer, it has also been used for medical properties for many years.

Black pepper: It helps in discharging the turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties.

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How To Prepare The Smoothie at Home?

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INGREDIENTS 1 cup frozen pineapple, 1 frozen ripe banana, 2 inches ginger (peeled), 2 cups spinach, 2 inches turmeric root (peeled) ½ cup almond/coconut milk , ½ tsp honey 2-3 sprinkles black pepper.


To create this smoothie vegan, skip the honey. The fruits present will sweeten it, Customize fruit: Use mango/apple as an alternative of banana. Swap kale from spinach as an alternative, and ground turmeric if there is no fresh turmeric, Use any milk of your choice, and add the milk slowly, if you don’t want the smoothie to be thin.

Method: In a powerful blender, add all ingredients. And blend for 2-3mins till the time it is well combined.

Now Serve it cool/iced for the best taste and aroma.

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