Easy Tips to Follow while Buying New Lipstick!!


So how do you buy a lipstick? Do you just walk inside the store and randomly pick something that lures your mind? If yes, then let me please inform you that those days are over now and if you want to make sure you do not be the next fashion faux pas victim, you need to be clever enough while you buy lip shades for you. Here is the list of my suggestions that will help you do that easily….Let you lovely pouts enjoy some drama and keep these tricks in mind… Are you Going to Wear that? Be practical, I mean if you are going to buy a lip shade that you will keep for some special occasion then you are doing it all wrong. It is really a silly idea to preserve a lip shade for some future purpose; after all it is not a bank scheme? So, choose those shades that you will actually wear!

Consider your Budget!

Before you head to buy your favourite shade consider your budget and then make a right choice. If you want another expensive brand but do not have the required amount of money then you are just wasting your time. Please don’t sacrifice your meals for the same!

Have you Read the Reviews?

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If there is a new brand that you wish to buy then make sure you read the reviews beforehand so that you can avoid any trouble. And then don’t complain if you find any problem afterwards…

Try them Before you buy Them!

If you are not sure whether you want that brown shade or not then for God sake try them on first and this is really important if you want to make a smart buy. I hate those who randomly pick something and then after going home start complaining about the shade!

Don’t always Get the Same Shade!!

I have seen many ladies who prefer buying all the same shades again and again. This time come out of your comfort shade and then see how amazing you could look. 🙂 Keep these things in mind and make sure you take this thing very seriously; after all, lip shades make you appear gorgeous. 

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