7 Ultimate Morning Drinks to Make Your Fat Melt Like Butter


Blame this COVID-19 pandemic or lockdown or anything else but if you’ve gained quite a lot and don’t want to carry it further, you must be looking for some effective remedies to get rid of this unwanted weight. Let me tell you, you’re at the right place perhaps.

All the people who are going through their weight loss journey, dream of achieving their desired weight and are ready to do anything it takes to get there. Apart from doing regular workouts you also have to maintain a healthy diet in order to see faster results. Along with all this, there are some tips and tricks which can actually add to the pace of your weight loss.

Today we are going to share with you 7 drinks that can actually make your fat melt like butter and we are not even kidding. Read on to know for yourself.

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1. Ice cold water- While drinking cold water you can burn up to 100 calories. When you drink ice-cold water, your body temperature falls. In order to bring the temperature back to normal, your body needs to burn calories. Thus, drinking ice cold water can make you lose weight.

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  •  Drinking water before having meals reduces your appetite and make you lose weight.
  •  Sometimes your thirst can trick you into feeling that you are hungry. So when you are feeling hungry even after having your meal, then maybe you are thirsty.
  •  Drinking more water makes your liver work efficiently, thus helping it to burn fat faster.
  •  You can easily get rid of all the excess water weight by drinking lots of water.

2. Fat-free milk- Milk is very high in calcium content and several studies suggested that how incorporating it into your daily diet can make you lose weight faster. The two main reasons behind this are:

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  •  Calcium overpowers the hormone named calcitriol which makes you fatter. When you drink milk you remove calcitriol out of your way and thus can lose weight easily.
  •  The calcium also curbs your appetite thus preventing you from putting on excess weight plus it also helps you to lose weight as you eat less.

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3. Green tea- Green tea is one of the best options if you are looking for a healthier alternative to your coffee or tea.

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  •  You are more likely to burn 30-40% more fat every day by drinking 3-4 cups of green tea.
  •  Green tea also contains caffeine, which improves your metabolism, thus making you lose weight faster.
  •  It is also a diuretic which helps in getting rid excess water by flushing it out.

4. Vegetable juice- Drinking a big glass of seasonal vegetable juice before eating your meals can make you eat less and can help you cut down your calorie intake by as much as 135 calories. If you can’t manage to drink vegetable juice, plain water will work just fine. Drink a glass or two of cold water before you sit down to eat your meal. Your stomach will feel fuller and will make you eat less.

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5. Coffee- The caffeine in the coffee is responsible for shooting up your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. Along with this, the caffeine also keeps you more energetic while you are working out. The more energetic you are, the more time you can spend working out. But make sure not to drink a lot of coffee or it may mess up with your normal routine especially your sleeping pattern. 1-2 two cups of coffee are enough to keep you energized throughout the day.

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6. Yogurt based smoothies- Yogurt is anyways a great addition to your daily diet as it is probiotic in nature. The smoothie made with yogurt will keep you full for longer plus being a milk product it is also high in calcium content which helps you lose weight by burning the excess fat. According to a study, a person can lose up to 61% more fat and almost 81% more belly fat after including yogurt in their daily diet. The people who participated in this study lose weight, with an average weight loss being 14lbs. Try to use Greek yogurt as it is a much healthier option. You can add your favourite fruits to the smoothie along with some whey protein to make it work even better.

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7. Whey protein- When on a weight loss journey remember that whey protein can help you lose more weight while building more muscles. The whey protein makes your body release cholecystokinin (CCK) hormone which helps in suppressing your appetite. Based on a study, when a group of people had whey protein 90 minutes before heading to lunch ate a lot less. The whey protein also helps in regulating the blood sugar level and insulin level. Just as many other high protein foods whey protein is highly thermogenic, which means that your body has to make extra efforts in order to digest it and thus burn extra calories which eventually leads to weight loss.

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