Tips To Stop Hair Loss With Vegetable Juices


Hairs make a biggest part in our appearance and identity. It resembles our style and gives confidence.  But when these important parts fall away, all of our positivity also falls away. We lose almost 100 strands every day and we need to find a solution to solve this problem. Stress is the main reason for hair fall. Emotional well being is most important so that our body can function properly but stressing over your tresses won’t be a solution. The different hair styling products like curling tongs, blow dryers, and the flat iron can cause permanent damage to hair, as it absorbs moisture from your hair. Excessive use of it can damage the scalp and hair follicles are a reason for hair damage. Daily hair fall problems are caused to due lack of Protein in our diet. Also, the side-effects of medicine are sometimes the reason for hair fall.

1. Aloe vera Juice


Aloe vera juice helps in the prevention of hair loss. The presence of vitamins in Aloe vera makes hair more strong and less prone to damage & breakage. Enzymes present in the juice helps in moisturizing and nourishing the scalp. It is also useful to solve itchy scalp and dandruff, a reason for hair fall, mostly seen during winters. Applying Aloe vera juice to your hair gives soft and lustrous hairs. Aloe vera juice is best for hair growth.

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2. Onion Juice


Onion juice when directly applied on mane enhances hair growth & prevents appearing white hairs. Onion is rich in sulphur which provides proper nourishment to hair follicles. It is one of the best remedies for dandruff.  It destroys harmful parasites and helps in hair growth. Cut one onion into slices, and grind it in the grinder. Extract the juice out of it and apply it to your scalp. For excellent results keep it overnight. Because of its strong pungent odour, some people can’t bear it, so one can apply it 2 hours before the shower and wash it well with shampoo properly so that onion’s odour gets removed.

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3. Garlic Juice


Garlic treatment is used since ancient times.  Garlic juice helps in the improving the hair quality and also nourishes hair follicles.  The residue when applied to the scalp increases blood flow and also helps in preventing further loss of hair. Garlic juice makes hair soft and lustrous.

4. Cucumber Juice

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A glass of cucumber juice helps in curing hair problems.  Cucumber helps in the growth of mane and improves hair quality.  Enzymes present in cucumber helps in preventing hair loss and enhance the circulation of haemoglobin to cells and hair follicles.

5. Carrot Juice


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which provides lustrous and colour to hair. Also, carrots are good in nutrition which helps in hair growth.  The hair follicles strengthen and keep the quality of hair.  Vitamin C present in carrots helps to provide nourishment to the scalp.

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